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Missing Persons, “Walking In LA”


Stuck in my heads this week.

I was shocked to learn that you can’t buy Missing Persons’ three studio albums on CD, because all their work was originally issued on vinyl, and was only reissued on CD in limited releases. Therefore the average price for a Missing Persons album on CD can be more than $100.

To me, vinyl was only one step beyond Edison’s wax cylinders, and was entirely too scratch-prone for my taste. So buying a used Missing Persons album on vinyl is out of the question, even though an average price of $5 is quite affordable. The only other choice is downloading files from a site like Amazon in electronic format, and I have a personal rule of “never buy music in a non-corporeal format,” because it’s as ephemeral as the drive medium on which you store it.

But then, that’s really the only alternative if I want Missing Persons’ original work. Perhaps I’ll have to break my own rule against buying electronic files.

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