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Selling our neighbor’s house


I was mowing my neighbor’s lawn, because I want his grass clippings. Tortoises like his grass better than ours, so I want to collect his grass seed and make it grow in my yard. Hence I volunteer to mow his lawn.

He’s trying to sell his house, but like most old people, he wants more money than it’s worth, and he’s not willing to lift a finger to make it pretty or enticing to a buyer. So a steady stream of shoppers have come and, more quickly, left his house.

Yesterday a couple stopped their car next to me as I worked on the lawn. They had a showing scheduled for the next day, they said, but they wanted to know about the house. So I told them about it, and about the neighborhood. Darling wife joined in. A five-minute chat turned into a two-hour tour of the grounds (more ours than my neighbor’s). They seemed like nice people, even if they were northerners. As long as they’re quiet, I don’t care.

Perhaps we’ve met new neighbors. If not, at least it was a pleasant chat.

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