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Owl City, “Alligator Sky”


I’m not sure what an alligator sky is, unless it’s a reference to cloud patterns peculiar to southern Minnesota where Owl City’s sole member, Adam Young, grew up. You can see some home movies of his at the end of the video.

I like the visuals of quaint chemical rockets spitting flame, an Earth abandoned for the stars, and the counterpoint of Adam Young’s smooth tenor against Shawn Chrystopher’s baritone rap-speech.

Some critics claim that Owl City is a retread imitation of The Postal Service from a decade before. But The Postal Service never saw the kind of wild success that Owl City has had on the charts, and The Postal Service leans toward Intelligent Dance Music and glitch techno, whereas Owl City‘s solid pop roots ensure a reliable delivery of irresistible hooks with an “emo” edge.

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