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Tidying up the mechanic’s work


I went to a mechanic last week for some work. He is one of the best, which is why I employ him. But I’m hard on this body, harder than he expected. I’ve undone some of his work. So I reworked it myself.

I know he will notice. It’s his job to check how I’m healing, during my next visit. But it was either tidy up his work now, or leave it to become a bigger mess by the next time I see him.

I dislike having to rely on local technology for repairs. It could be done so much more simply and painlessly at home. Perhaps I could arrange an anabolic protoplaser to be smuggled in via the next diplomatic pouch.

  1. 2013-06-11T15:27:50+00:00 15:27

    I hope you’re not doing surgery on yourself.


    • 2013-06-12T07:28:08+00:00 07:28

      Actually, yes, but because I know when to expect pain, it doesn’t really bother me.


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