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China censors rubber duckies


June 4 was the anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Massacre (June 4, 1989) when the People’s Liberation Army slaughtered thousands of peaceful protesters. At the time, several armies called in to put down the protests mutinied against the Chinese government’s orders to kill the Tiananmen protesters. I had hoped that these mutinies would flare into outright civil war and eventually topple the Communist regime, but sadly it was not to  be. It would have been interesting to watch.

The Chinese internet censors were in full battle mode this week, blocking searches and taking down articles and pictures that made any reference to June 4 (including oblique references like May 35), black t-shirts (protester dress), tanks, Tank Man, or even rubber ducks.

If you think such censorship cannot happen in the West, it already does, particularly in the mass media, which actively censors itself to avoid mentioning things that would displease the current US regime.

At least we still have our rubber ducks. For the moment.

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