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The ammunition shortage continues


For those who haven’t been paying attention, there is a serious ammunition shortage in the United States. Or, as one gun store owner put it, “I don’t have a shortage of ammunition, but I have a serious surplus of customers.”

Some of the shortage is driven by the population’s fear of an ever-encroaching government. Some of it is driven by the federal Department of Homeland Security’s huge contracts to buy 1.6 billion rounds of ammunition across the next five years, allotting 1,000 rounds more per DHS agent per year than the 350 rounds expended per year by the average US Army soldier. And some of it is driven by the rising price of raw materials, such as lead and brass.

I went to my gun club the other day. I asked to order a case of AK-47 ammunition (500 rounds). They wouldn’t do it, saying it was unlikely they would get it. But they sold me the 100 rounds they had. That was nice of them.

Every little bit helps.

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