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Death of a creator


I dreamed the other night that one of my creators had died, and I was refusing to go to his funeral. After all, he was dead, and he wouldn’t care if I attended his funeral or not. And I was not particularly concerned with making nice with his family. They make my skin crawl, as did he.

Usually my dreams come true in short order, so I expect I will see this scenario again soon, in real life. I told darling wife about my dream, and about my decision not to go to the funeral.

“You will go to the funeral,” she said firmly, “and you will be polite about it.” 

Apparently I will go to the funeral. I’m sure I will make an entry here when it happens.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-06-06T15:45:07-04:00 15:45

    Still alive?


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