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Three acquisitions


The universe has conspired to give us three things this past week. One thing, we needed. Two things, we didn’t, but they’re nice to have.

In no particular order:

  • The thing we needed was a pair of cast-iron arcs which went with the antique 1920s drafting table we bought a few months ago at a thrift store. When we bought the drafting table, we didn’t realize it was missing these arcs, which let it tilt forward or backward. When we figured it out and went back to inquire about the missing parts, the proprietor (whom we know well) hadn’t seen them – the table had been disassembled when he bought it, so he didn’t know where the missing parts might be. Unfortunately, you can’t find those things anywhere – they haven’t been made since the 1930s. He offered to take the table back, but we decided to keep it and rig it up with non-movable L-brackets. We finally bought some decorative cast-iron L-brackets the other day, just for that purpose. And the very next day after that, we went back for our weekly visit to the thrift store, and I found the missing cast-iron arcs lying on a table amid a pile of assorted junk. I recognized them immediately and held them up triumphantly for darling wife to see. The proprietor said we could have them for free, since they went with the drafting table we’d already bought. The moral of the story is, the moment we bought replacement parts, the universe coughed up the missing parts we needed. If we had not bought replacement parts, we never would have found the originals. This is how the universe works. Things are tied to each other in ways we often cannot see.
  • The first of two things we didn’t need came in the form of a silver tabby kitten, about a year old. She showed up miaowing very loudly at our back door. She wandered around the yard, yowling. She was very friendly, not feral, though she demonstrated great anxiety at being brought inside. We let her out when she started climbing the walls. The next day we tried again. Each day darling wife brings in the new cat, feeds her and pets her, and leaves her on the porch for awhile. Yesterday the cat spent the whole day inside the porch. Perhaps next week she will be acclimated enough to bring inside the house. We will have to keep her separated from the other cats for awhile, but hopefully they will all get used to each other. We will take her to the vet and get her checked. If she is someone’s pet and is chipped, we will find out and contact the owner. If not, she’s ours. Or we can give her to a friend, if she doesn’t get along with our cats.
  • The second of two things we didn’t need came in the form of an endangered ____. She is young, small, and was crossing the highway in a busy commercial area where there is no grass or shelter. She was about to get run over by a wall of traffic, so I turned around and darling wife scooped her up and we brought her home. Darling wife called her friend who is licensed to work with ____s, and got all the information on how to take care of her. We spent yesterday building an enclosure for her, ensuring she has a place to be and good things to eat and clean water to drink. We will see if she stays there, or if she finds her way out. If she gets out, she will follow her GPS homing signal back to where she came from, and she will probably die on the way. We need to keep her at least six months in her safe, protected environment, and encourage her to make her home there, so that her GPS homing signal fades away and doesn’t lead her to certain death. I’ve encouraged darling wife to get her license to work with ____s, so that there will be no questions, but it’s hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars of work to get it. Perhaps when we’re done with our current projects around the house.

It’s been an eventful week.

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