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Media’s complicity brought about AP wiretapping scandal


The Associated Press (and the rest of the media) has been in high dudgeon (“a sullen, angry or indignant humor”) the past few days because the US Department of Justice placed wiretaps on the work and home phones of at least 20 AP editors and reporters without telling them first. Historically, this is never done without prior negotiation between the government and the media. The secret wiretaps, said US Attorney General Eric Holder (of Operation Fast and Furious fame), were necessary to discover the government source of a leak in May 2012 about the Central Intelligence Agency’s successful defusing of a Yemeni terrorist plot to bomb an American airliner, which the Associated Press had reported. (No word if the leaker has been identified yet.)

Really? After more than four years of the media giving the Obama administration supine compliance and fawning news coverage, the media is upset that the Obama administration is taking advantage of them through heavy-handed police-state surveillance tactics?

I think that’s very funny. I would think the media would welcome such treatment. After all, it’s perfectly fine for the media to spy on people. It shouldn’t be less acceptable for the government to spy on the media, especially when that same media helped to elect that government and actively colludes to self-censor and to shield that government from negative news coverage.

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