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Mad dash on the on-ramp


I used to speed on a long bridge over the bay. There’s no place for police to hide, and they don’t use aircraft to monitor it for speeders. So it’s a nice 16-km stretch of open road to test your machine.

I regularly got up to 180 kph, usually in the far right lane. The far right lane is better for speeding, because the left lanes are occupied by old people driving 80 kph with their left-turn signal on.

I stopped doing it once I had found the limits of my machine (200 kph) and I got tired of getting terrible fuel mileage (literally half of what it should have been at normal speeds).

Now I have a newer machine. I don’t like to speed on the bridge anymore because I’m driving at a different time of day, when there’s more traffic, and therefore more hazard. But there’s an on-ramp near the airport that offers at least 2 km of uninterrupted speed, with nowhere for the police to hide. So I tried it.

My newer machine is not as gutsy as the old one. Displacement is only 2000 cc, instead of 3000. A thousand cubic centimeters makes a difference, because I topped out at 170 kph in the newer machine in the space that I had. If it had the more modern 6-speed transmission, I’m sure it could go a bit faster. The limitation seems to be the transmission, in this case.

I can’t complain, really. The newer machine is fantastic at low- to midrange speeds, and corners beautifully. It’s a dream to drive. It serves all my needs. And I don’t need to move faster than 160 kph on a regular basis.

I’ll try again this week anyway, just for fun.

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