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Children’s clothes


The staff in the various departments at my current client tend to sort themselves into stereotypes. The accountants are generally bland, pudgy young men and women, with a few older ones scattered among them. They don’t talk much. The customer service representatives tend to be men in their 30s (because they’re selling car parts), and the TV in their breakroom is tuned to ESPN all the time, and they’re always shouting at each other. The logistics people are big burly jovial men. The purchasing people are older men who are generally grumpy. The IT server people are all pudgy nerds in their 40s and 50s, while the programmers tend to be young skinny college kids with their heads bobbing to music only they can hear. And the marketing people are all tall skinny blonde women in their 20s who look like they were all stamped from the same cookie cutter mold, and they all speak with the same twittery voices.

It was the marketing women who made me think of this post. As I walk through their department, every single one of them has a tiny little sweater or jacket hanging on a hanger outside their cubicle. They look like children’s clothes, they’re so small. And they’re all the same style, cut short.

I wonder, does the HR department hire people who fit these physical characteristics on purpose, or do the people sort themselves into their career choices based on their physical characteristics?

I don’t know.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-05-02T08:36:48-04:00 08:36

    Young beautiful well shaped girls in marketing to sell car related apparel. I get it.


    • 2013-05-02T09:10:45-04:00 09:10

      I guess “stick-thin” is a shape, but I wouldn’t say they’re “well shaped”. Their job is primarily to come up with ridiculous rebate plans and kickback schedules for customers, and to generate fiendishly complex reports on that data. The reports are so complex that I’m pretty sure no one could spot an error, if there was an error.


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