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The layer not shown on the map


I decided to go shopping the other night for some much-needed components. I found a store within several kilometers, and navigated in that direction.

Unfortunately local maps are politically-correct. They lack a layer which shows the blighted areas. The store I sought, of course, was in the middle of a blighted area. Cleveland has several. I soon found myself in a barren zone of boarded-up stores and a huge abandoned mall with a parking lot full of potholes.

I was the only alien in the store, of course. It was staffed by black women who were very pleasant. I could hear them thinking, wondering why I was in the area when there are much better places to be. I wondered that, myself. But I made my purchases and was pleasant to them in return.

I felt badly for them. I know they felt fortunate to even have jobs at all, but I’m sure they would rather have jobs in a safer neighborhood.

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