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Apparently I work for the government, part 2


My superior still has not invoiced anyone for any work since last October, save one contract for one week. How we continue to get paid, I don’t know, because our agency is not bringing in any money. That’s why I think we are now a government entity, able to spend continuously without any visible income. Income simply doesn’t matter, in the Obama economy. Money is free. Keep writing checks until someone refuses to accept them. My superior is an Obamaton, which may be a contributing factor to her inability to run the agency anymore.

One of my comrades, who is currently between projects, has volunteered his time to take himself and his wife to the agency headquarters, and physically sort out the invoicing problem and restart the process. I fear he will confirm my suspicions that my superior has suffered a complete mental breakdown. I also think he and his wife may be unable to sort out the invoicing problem.

We shall see what happens.

  1. 2013-04-04T09:24:45-04:00 09:24

    Heavens to Murgatroyd, I did indeed end a sentence in a preposition. I am getting sloppy in my old age. I shall correct my error posthaste. Thanks for spotting it!


  2. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-04-03T07:06:19-04:00 07:06

    Marvin, you just did something you told me never to do….My world is shattered!


    • 2013-04-03T08:18:54-04:00 08:18

      What did I tell you not to do? I don’t remember. But if that’s the case, I’m just following Dear Leader’s mantra of “Do as I say, not as I do.” ;-)


      • Sweetie Pie permalink
        2013-04-04T07:46:59-04:00 07:46

        Never end a phrase with a preposition…. I think about that every time I write. All because of you!


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