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Pulling a fast one


We are popular consultants, my comrade and I. We are contracted to do X for Department X. I have been pulled off-task for perhaps four hours total onto task Y, which is fine. My Department X contact said this might happen, and it was okay with her since it’s only a few hours.

Department Y is short-staffed. They are responsible for doing Task Y. They asked my Department X contact who they know who could help with Task Y. My Department X contact suggested that Department Y contact my agency for help. They didn’t. They hired another unskilled worker instead.

Then Department Y came straight to us and started asking us to do their work for them. It started as “asking for advice” because they and their unskilled worker do not have the necessary knowledge or skills to do Task Y. Three days later, they’re asking us to do Task Y for them. It seemed to me that Department Y is trying to get us to do their work for them, on Department X’s budget.

I asked my Department X contact if this seemed right to her. Definitely not, she said. She will correct the issue, probably by billing Department Y’s cost center for our time.

We don’t care. We get paid the same. But since our allegiance lies with Department X, we didn’t want to see Department Y pull a fast one to get free work at Department X’s expense.

We’ll see what happens.

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