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An end to bitchiness


A friend of mine is having another baby this morning. It’s not her first, but this is her first female child. I admire her willingness to go through the ordeal of pregnancy and childbirth. I certainly wouldn’t do it, if I was able to. But she is less cognizant of her biological programming, and less able to resist its imperative. I think if more people paid attention to their hormones, and focused on making rational decisions instead of rationalizing their hormonal behavior, the incidence of pregnancies and sexually-transmitted diseases would plummet.

Anyway, her pregnancy has been difficult for all of us, because my friend is normally rather bitchy anyway, as are most human females her age. But with a female child growing in her, my friend not only has had her own estrogen making her behavior unpredictable and unpleasant, but also her child’s estrogen. The last four months have been difficult, to say the least. We basically avoid her. I feel badly for her husband, because he can’t avoid her.

Luckily, the era of hormonal bitchiness will see the beginning of the end today. In the coming weeks and months, my friend’s estrogen levels will return to normal, and she will be less unpleasant than she has been.

Her husband will be grateful, I know. Even though I only have to deal with her occasionally, I will be grateful for her return to normalcy also.

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