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Time to leave Colorado


I used to live in the mountains. It was okay, except for the ever-increasing number of poor minorities shooting each other in the urban areas. It got tiresome, so I moved to the ocean.

Colorado governor John Hickenlooper (Democrat), once the liberal mayor of Denver, signed three anti-gun bills into law today:

  • One bill bans the sale or manufacture in Colorado of gun magazines which hold more than 15 cartridges.
  • One bill requires all gun sales to obtain a background check, even sales from one private citizen to another.
  • One bill requires gun buyers to pay for the cost of their own background check by the Colorado Bureau of Investigation (a fee of about $12, which until now was “free,” paid by the Colorado taxpayers).

Gun magazine manufacturer Magpul, based in Colorado, has effectively been outlawed. They will close operations in Colorado, costing the state hundreds of jobs, and will reopen multiple manufacturing facilities in freer states like Texas, Wyoming and Nebraska. Colorado’s loss is their gain.

The gun bills that passed today won’t have any effect on crime in Colorado, of course. They will have an effect on law-abiding citizens, though, because law-abiding citizens are the only people who would care what laws liberals pass. Criminals won’t care. They will still keep their high-capacity magazines, and bring more in from out-of-state. Nothing will change. The bloodshed will continue, because liberals like criminals, and they pass laws which favor criminals. In the coming months and years, liberals will express bafflement about why the violent crime rate isn’t decreasing in Colorado. Keep in mind that the murder rate in Colorado is much less now than it was in the 1990s, during the first assault weapons ban, because more and more people armed themselves. Murders decreased after the 1990s assault weapons ban lapsed, and violent crime stayed roughly the same. Yet liberals try to ban guns the first chance they get, not because there’s a pressing need to do so, but merely because they find guns distasteful and frightening. Dancing on the bodies of the Aurora theatre victims who were killed by a madman, Democrats scream that banning firearms and high-capacity magazines will make the world safer. It won’t. Watch and see. Locking up crazy people makes the world safer. Banning inanimate objects doesn’t.

I’m glad I left Colorado before the liberals took power and began destroying it. My advice to the law-abiding citizens remaining in Colorado is, leave now.

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