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Pictures from Concord, New Hampshire


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My two drive crashes in two months last year really impeded my photography posting. I have a pile of photos on an external drive that I have never shown you. So I’m slowly digging them out.

I did some work for a government entity in New Hampshire which reminded me of why I detest human governments and their “workers.” They are generally gridlocked by stupidity, overspending, and lack of accountability. Think about that next time you pay your taxes. You’re really just throwing your money away. Because they’re throwing your money away, and you’re paying them hefty salaries to do it.

If the Martian Empire ever decides to drop the pretense of actually letting humans run their own affairs, things will be better for you. But until then, enjoy the squalor.

Anyway. I spent a week in downtown Concord, New Hampshire, without a vehicle. Ergo, I didn’t get out much. What little I saw was pretty. Very New England, forested, sparsely populated. It must be even prettier in the winter, with the heavy snow.

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