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Freedom from association


The US Constitution enshrines the right of “freedom of assembly” as part of the First Amendment in the Bill Of Rights. A corollary to that right is the “freedom from association,” which means that people do not have to associate with other people if they do not want to. But that doesn’t matter to liberals, who are conducting a campaign of bullying and intimidation against the Boy Scouts of America, trying to force them to admit homosexuals into the Boy Scouts.

Unfortunately for liberals, the US Supreme Court has already defined the right of “freedom from association.” More than a decade ago, the USSC ruled that the BSA has the right to exclude homosexuals under the First Amendment, since homosexuality is a direct contradiction to the Scout Oath. The Scouts, and indeed any volunteer group like the Scouts, have the right NOT to associate with people.

Not that the law means anything to liberals. Now they are bombarding the BSA’s national headquarters in Irving, Texas, with thousands of calls, emails, and a pile of petitions this week. And Dear Leader chimed in with his support (which of course does not carry any weight of law.)

I hope the Boy Scouts stand firm. Homosexuals know what the BSA’s rules are, and the rules have always been very clear. If you’re going to declare your homosexuality, you’re not welcome in the Boy Scouts. Ergo, homosexuals should keep their mouths shut if they want to participate in the Boy Scouts. Or, go and start their own Scouting organization. But they can’t force others to associate with them. Take the example of a Catholic insisting on joining a Baptist church, or a Muslim joining a Jewish temple, and insisting on reciting their own prayers instead of conforming to the group’s prayers and dogma. The interloper would not be welcome, and no reasonable person would expect them to be welcome. Even if they succeeded in forcing their presence on everyone around them, no one would speak to them or interact with them, and that’s as it should be. The individual has no leverage to force their presence on people who don’t want to interact with them.

The only method that the gay lobby and government have to force cooperation with their agenda is by intimidation, and by getting government and donors to withhold funding from organizations who displease them. They do not have the law on their side, so they use bullying, threats, and intimidation.

You probably know that Martians don’t respond well to that. And I hope the Boy Scouts won’t either. And even if they do, such as by devolving the decision to admit homosexuals down to the individual district councils or individual Scout troops, then the battle will merely be fragmented into hundreds, thousands, and millions of battles, down to the level of the individual person.

Gay people can’t force their presence on individuals who don’t want to associate with them. That’s the bottom line. Unfortunately, liberals don’t understand that. They think intimidation and force is the key to cooperation, to “acceptance” of their views.

I’m looking forward to watching the Scouts prove them wrong.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-02-07T07:18:55-05:00 07:18

    Whatever form of discrimination sucks. And it unfortunately made me who I am.


    • 2013-02-10T13:06:02-05:00 13:06

      And I like who you am!


      • Sweetie Pie permalink
        2013-02-11T07:24:06-05:00 07:24

        I wonder if anyone ever thought of the gay. Aren’t the straight people “in their face” all day? Aren’t gays the ones afraid of being who they are, and with reason considering what has happened to so many of them in the past?


      • 2013-02-11T17:20:52-05:00 17:20

        I think it’s unrealistic to expect the world to change to suit a small minority. I am different, and I’ve been attacked and beaten bloody because of it. Therefore it’s my responsibility to adapt to the behavior codes of the majority and to camouflage myself so that I’m not attacked. And it’s also my job to learn to defend myself when camouflage fails. It’s not government’s job to protect me, and it’s not reasonable to demand that the majority change their value system to adapt to aliens like me. Yet that’s exactly what gay people are trying to do, either through legislation or by propaganda in schools. That works only as long as government supports it through budgets and firepower. When government stops supporting the gay agenda (as is happening in Russia right this minute), then “acceptance” of gays in the general population fades away.

        The gay lobby can try to intimidate the National council of the Boy Scouts into cooperation. They can try to intimidate the local councils and troops too, but it will be harder to do because there are so many of them. And finally they can try to intimidate the individuals (millions of them), and that will be hardest of all.


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