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Not impressed with Call Of Duty: Black Ops II


So I bought a copy of Call Of Duty: Black Ops II a week ago, and played it through.

All Call Of Duty games have gore in them. Most of it is in the gameplay, and not much in the cinematics (the cutscenes which link the missions together into a story). That’s what the genre is about, fighting in various wars. But whereas Call Of Duty: World At War (WWII in the Pacific) had a different sort of gore (more blood spray during gameplay), COD BO2 took special pride in the amount of gore presented in the cinematics. I think they let Quentin Tarantino do the cinematics, there was that much gore.

I don’t like it.

Either I’m getting too old to stomach such stuff, or the Call Of Duty genre has reached a tipping point, a point past which the gore is just sickening. Granted, they put a warning up front when the game starts. But I think the warning isn’t enough. This isn’t a Mature (17+) game, as defined by the Entertainment Software Rating Board. I think it’s gone way beyond that, into Adult (18+). It’s just beyond the pale.

Plus the storyline is confusing in a way that COD BO1 wasn’t. Both Black Ops games jump back and forth in time, letting you play missions as they are remembered by one character or another, versus missions in the modern day (or the future). But COD BO1 hung together better, it made more sense in a way that COD BO2 doesn’t.

Otherwise, the gameplay is the same as before. Same enemy AI, same sounds, same guns, just different weapon names and gunsights. If anything, it’s more annoying because there’s such a bewildering variety of “future” guns, none of which use the same ammo, that if you find a gun you like, then good luck finding more ammo for it along the way.

I think I’m done with Call Of Duty.

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