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The glass ceiling


Our friend likes to tell us stories about his cat, who until recently was our cat. Most of the cute things he tells us that she has done, we know about already, because she did them when she was living with us. But this one was new.

Her cat tower, with its multiple platforms, is inside his house, placed up against a huge floor-to-ceiling sliding glass door, which opens out to the swimming pool. She likes to lay on the top platform and look out onto the sunny lanai and the pool.

She was outside on the pool deck with her new owner and one of his friends. The sliding glass door was closed, a barrier between her and her perch at the top of the cat tower.

She sat on the pool deck, looking up at the cat tower, gathering herself to spring. Her new owner’s friend said, “She looks like she’s going to jump, and she’s going to hit the glass. Don’t you think you should stop her? She might hurt herself.”

“No,” said her new owner, “she won’t try it. She’s smarter than that.”

He does not know her very well yet.

She coiled herself up and leapt for the top of the tower, nearly two meters off of the ground. Two-thirds of the way up her flight path, the hard glittery surface of the sliding glass door interrupted her arc, and sent her caroming off in a different direction.

She landed nearly where she had started from, and sat there, looking surprised. Her new owner and his friend laughed uproariously. She thought about what had happened, tail twitching in confusion, and then decided it would be easier to walk through the side door, into the house, and jump up into her tower from inside the living room. Which she nonchalantly proceeded to do.

I’m proud of her, because it only took her one try to figure out that it wouldn’t work. I’m more worried about when she tries to walk on water. Her new owner has introduced her to the pool, dipping her paw into the water, and she definitely was not interested in getting to know the pool better – she ran back inside to her tower.

Hopefully that will be as close as she gets to the pool.

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