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Faking it


Although I studiously ignored Dear Leader’s coronation this past Monday, I read that singer Beyonce’, a major supporter of Dear Leader, lip-synced her “performance” of the National Anthem.

I think it’s funny. A fake singer for a fake President, both of them going through the motions without actually doing anything. Very appropriate.

I remember singer Ashlee Simpson’s mortifying slip-up on “Saturday Night Live,” where her lip-syncing was exposed when her technicians accidentally played the vocals to a different song than what she was “singing.”

Simpson’s career suffered because of the blunder, and she was roundly mocked and criticized in the media. Yet no one’s mocking or criticizing Beyonce’ much… perhaps because she’s black, or because she’s extremely wealthy, or because she’s a major supporter of Dear Leader. She certainly deserves criticism, though. If Kelly Clarkson or James Taylor could perform live without problems, there’s really no reason why Beyonce’ couldn’t.

Except that, like the President, she knew there wouldn’t be any consequences for her failure to do her job. It doesn’t matter how badly she fails; the media will continue to provide the same fawning, uncritical coverage that they always do for liberals.

  1. Sweetie Pie permalink
    2013-01-25T12:39:45-05:00 12:39

    It’s all about diversity now…


  2. Lola permalink
    2013-01-25T12:18:19-05:00 12:18

    I heard it was the cold weather that made it impossible for her to sing. Did anyone else sing despite the cold? I assume the answer is yes.


    • 2013-01-25T14:55:24-05:00 14:55

      Yes, Kelly Clarkson and James Taylor. But they are also from a different culture, with a better work ethic.


      • Sweetie Pie permalink
        2013-01-27T09:09:33-05:00 09:09

        And caucasian……


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