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No one missed work this time


Four years ago, as the popular saying goes, “one million people attended Obama’s inauguration and only 14 missed work.”

Yesterday’s re-inauguration saw a crowd of about 400,000 (though the media has been careful not to release numerical estimates), and no one missed work.

In the Obama economy, the official unemployment rate is 7.7 percent, but the real unemployment rate is 14.4 percent, and the number of people participating in the workforce is at its lowest level in more than 30 years.

Tellingly, yesterday’s inauguration crowd seems to have been made up of mostly minority women.

Many would-be attendees got trapped in the subway underneath the National Mall yesterday because the inauguration event organizers didn’t budget enough room for them. Allegedly, “bulky winter clothing” made the attendees take up more space than anticipated. Or perhaps most of the attendees were fat welfare recipients. I have no sympathy.

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