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So, he’s NOT gay


I have a friend who’s a neatnik. He’s an impeccable cook, fastidious and super-clean around the house, and doesn’t associate with women. Naturally I thought he was gay.

It turns out that he was married to a woman for a decade. She was bipolar, and as most bipolar people do, she made his life a living hell. So he divorced her. And to this day, he doesn’t date, doesn’t want to get married again. He’s over it.

Having known several bipolar people (mostly women – women get the rapid-cycle bipolar disorder more frequently than men do, and rapid-cycle disorder is VERY annoying), I’ve learned that the safest place to be is far, far away from them. It’s illegal to euthanize them, so you have to distance yourself from them. That’s what my friend did.

So I was wrong. He’s not gay. He’s just had enough.

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    He sounds like a control freak. I’d go bi-polar on his ass, too.


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