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No bucket list


I don’t believe in bucket lists, for three reasons:

  • The people I know who do bucket lists often forget why they’re doing them. They’re just checking off accomplishments without enjoying the process.
  • Some people I know who do bucket lists are compulsive about it, even fanatical. I’m sure there’s medication for such a condition, but I’m not sure what it would be.
  • I’ve already accomplished everything I wanted to do in this life. I have satisfied most of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs. I’m happy. There’s nothing else I need to do.

I have noticed that people who pursue bucket lists are usually wealthy. I’m reasonably wealthy, but wasting capital on a bucket list seems imprudent.

What else is the money for, since you can’t take it with you? you might ask. It’s a valid question.

If I have a list of any kind of goals, it would be a bucket list of eliminations, a list of people whose liquidation will make the world a better place. Some of them are household names in political, media and economic circles. Others are people few have heard of, but whose continued existence is detrimental to society at large, and is annoying to aliens in particular. Such people direct and fund the activities of other, more well-known agents provocateurs. They seek to manipulate events and shape society to suit their own ends.

I don’t need to eliminate them myself, goodness no. But if I can facilitate their elimination, I will.

It’s a worthy cause. And that would be a bucket list worth keeping.

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    A friend of a friend is dying of cancer. She asked her doctor if she had time to go to Spain to visit a museum she’s always wanted to see. Unfortunately, the answer was ‘no.’ At this point she doesn’t even have the strength to get out of bed, never mind get on a plane. Although the idea of a bucket list is, in general, a good idea since it may help you focus on what’s important in life, I think it’s better to simply pick one or two things that are a MUST and do them before you’re told it’s too late. That’s why I stalk Vin Diesel.


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