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Two simple steps toward good oral health


I had a “plumber” visit our home to troubleshoot an issue with the filtration system. It turned out that he only knew how to change filters, not how to troubleshoot the system. And he wasn’t a plumber, which annoyed us because we had asked for a plumber. He proved he was an idiot by telling us that the water valve was not supplying water, and that the system was hooked up incorrectly too. We showed him the door, then dug out an old business card, called a real plumber, and he showed up and had the issue corrected within two hours. The issue? The pre-filter was clogged. There was nothing wrong with the water valve or with the system’s setup. It was just a bad pre-filter. It was a new filter, which is why we hadn’t even thought that might be the problem, and we called for help instead. But he put an old filter on it, and it worked fine. Now we know – don’t trust a “new” set of filters. Always keep old ones around to aid in troubleshooting.

But the idiot who showed up first, proved two points about good oral health.

  • Don’t smoke. Smoking makes you more susceptible to gum disease, which he clearly had. And he smoked a lot – he reeked of it. I had to struggle not to regurgitate. A little smoke, I can deal with. This man was clearly in the process of spontaneous human combustion, the smoke stench was so thick. We had to turn on all the fans after he left, to blow the smoke stench out of the house.
  • Brush your teeth two or three times a day. His teeth were rotting out of his head, and he was missing most of his front teeth. It made him hard to understand when he spoke. And, of course, what he spoke was idiocy. But that was a different problem.

Humans only get two sets of teeth – baby teeth, and permanent teeth. Take care of them, and they’ll take care of you. Ignore them and they’ll go away.

  1. 2013-01-16T13:56:33-05:00 13:56

    He must have been from NC.


    • 2013-01-16T19:03:50-05:00 19:03

      No, native Floridians make NC and Kentucky hillbillies look cultured. He was definitely a native Florida cracker.


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