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The lonely osprey, part 2


The lonely osprey who was endlessly calling for a mate is still around. I saw him the other day. Heard him, rather, then I saw him. He has found a different roost, and annoys the people over there instead of near my house. But now that I know he’s still around, I hear him almost every day. Eeee, eeee, eeee, he screams.

He’s still alone. His screaming is similar to the men I see who drive flashy cars with loud stereos.The men think the car will attract a woman (because they lack attractive characteristics themselves), but I don’t think it does. There’s never a woman in the car with them. I think the car drives potential mates away. (“Drives.” Ha.)

Likewise, the osprey’s endless screaming drives potential mates away. It certainly irritates me. Every day I make a conscious decision not to shoot him. The thought of shooting him, and then deciding not to, is pleasant entertainment for a moment.

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  1. 2013-01-07T16:58:58-05:00 16:58

    Maybe female ospreys will mate with him just to shut him up.


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