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Mist droplets


The other day my darling wife called me outside. The ocean winds had shifted, bringing a thick fog bank ashore in the afternoon. Fog is just clouds hugging the ground. So we stood in the yard, surrounded by cloud.

If you looked carefully, you could see a thick swarm of tiny mist droplets, coasting past in the almost imperceptible breeze. Untold billions of droplets, all moving together. Each one a microcosm, a little universe unto itself, containing teeming life forms, little bacteria and one-celled creatures, all frantically pursuing their own little lives.

Do they not have their own concerns, their own thoughts, their own goals and dreams? Are they not just like us, only a billion times smaller? Do they not have their own hopes and desires, their own destinies that they seek to shape and achieve?

Do they not blog?

Probably not.

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