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Time to ban hammers – and hands to wield them


Statistics from US Federal Bureau of Investigation (the national police) show that hammers kill more people than rifles do. Indeed, fists kill more people than rifles do.  Clearly it’s time to round up the toolboxes. You know, to stop the violence those evil hammers could commit. (We’ll need to work on figuring out how to keep people from making a fist. Maybe by slicing certain tendons and ligaments in each human wrist at birth. Like circumcision, only it’s a “public health initiative.” Prevent violence before it starts, by making sure no one can make a fist. Or lift a hammer. That would fit right in with Dear Leader’s policies of encouraging dependency on the government.)

So if hammers and fists are used to kill people more often than rifles are used to kill people, why are “liberals” trying to ban “assault” rifles? Because that’s the first step to banning all guns. That’s what US Senator Dianne Feinstein (a Democrat from California) says, on video here. Banning “assault” rifles are just the first step toward banning all guns.

And yet Dianne Feinstein admits to having a concealed weapons permit herself. So it’s okay for her to own and carry a gun, but you can’t.

When Feinstein, or her liberal ilk in government or the media, whines about guns, just remember that you’re entitled to keep them, both by the Constitution and by the law of “survival of the fittest.” If it makes them nervous that you have guns, that’s a good thing, not a bad thing. Government should always fear the people, not vice versa. It’s the only thing that keeps government from morphing into a totalitarian regime.

  1. 2013-01-03T15:52:57+00:00 15:52

    Fists can also lovingly caress a child, and a hammer can help build a church, a playhouse, or a bench.

    Guns have one purpose/use.


    • 2013-01-03T17:16:11+00:00 17:16

      Actually, guns have two purposes – to kill, and to deter enemies from killing you. If the enemy knows you have a weapon, they will keep their distance. That’s why it’s a “ranged weapon.” So much better than your fists, which are a “melee weapon.” No one likes a melee except a berzerker. I’m not a berzerker.


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