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A visit to the mechanic


I visited my body mechanic today. It’s her job to keep this body in tune, to repair the damage I do to it, and to advise me on its proper care and maintenance.

The mechanic’s assistant took the normal battery of readings… mass, pressure, temperature and so on. One reading seemed unusual, though neither the mechanic nor her assistant bothered to mention it. It’s probably because ninety percent of her charges have worse readings than mine. Nevertheless, I know that if this reading is left unchanged, it will damage this body severely over time, and will eventually terminate it. That is, if something else doesn’t destroy it first.

Changes will have to be made, and I will have to make them. Or else.

  1. 2013-01-01T09:31:51-05:00 09:31

    Do I see jogging in your future? :)


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