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Absence of data


A friend of mine moved to a town nearby recently. That’s about three thousand kilometers closer than she’s been in many years.

She wanted to see me. We got together a few times for lunch and dinner, the three of us (me, darling wife, and my friend). We had a nice time. She wanted to get together more often, but our conflicting travel schedules made it impossible.

Now my friend has disappeared. She doesn’t answer the phone or email. It’s been a month or so since we talked or exchanged messages. I thought she’d be around for the holidays, and we could get together again. But no.

We didn’t get a Christmas card from her, either. That’s unusual. Sometimes we go for six months or a year without talking, though, so I’m not particularly concerned.

If she’s busy, I won’t worry about it. If she’s decided we’re not friends anymore, I won’t worry about it. There’s nothing I can do about it anyway. I just have to remember that people participate in your life until their purpose is complete, and then they go away.

If my friend has gone away, then her purpose is complete.

We shall see.

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    Friends are so fickle.


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