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Christmas happy


An acquaintance of mine, whom I see on a regular basis, is usually glum and silent. She’s only friendly toward people she works with closely. I presume she’s suffered ill treatment from someone in her past. Rape, perhaps. She really doesn’t like men, I can tell. Or aliens.

Once in awhile, she’s happy. Today, she’s Christmas happy. She baked cupcakes for everyone, including her customers. Her hair was down, a different style for her. She smiled. She smiled even more when I gave her a Christmas card. The card was a test, to see if she would respond warmly or coldly. Since she was already in a “warm” mood, the test was inconclusive.

The jury is still out on what her issue is, I’m afraid. Her mood is generally glum, with occasional sunshine every few weeks. That could be depression, but the sunshine is too infrequent to be bipolar disorder. Perhaps she’s borderline personality disorder (which includes rapid mood swings as a symptom), though I have not observed her closely enough to see how she interacts with her co-workers.

Perhaps she’s just generally glum. But it was nice to see her in a Christmas mood today.

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  1. 2013-01-01T09:40:22-05:00 09:40

    Maybe she ate some of the cupcakes while still at home and was on a sugar-high.


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