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The lonely osprey


A male osprey has taken up residence in a pine tree near our house, after conducting a weeks-long battle with a pair of bald eagles who fancied the same tree for their nest.

The osprey won, probably because he wouldn’t shut the hell up. He screams every morning for a few hours. And not little chirps, but long screams. He’s looking for a mate. He cruises around the neighborhood, swooping through our yard, making the cats duck and scramble for cover as his shadow sweeps over them. It’s fun to watch.

But his screams do grow tiresome. I certainly hope he finds a mate soon.

  1. 2013-01-01T09:41:35-05:00 09:41

    Did he ever shut up?


    • 2013-01-02T09:40:02-05:00 09:40

      I think the eagles finally killed him. Or he got laid. Either way, he’s been quiet the last week or so.


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