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Gun Free Zone saves 26 lives in Newtown CT


“Gun Free Zone saves 26 lives in Newtown CT,” the headlines read today.

Oops, that’s not what happened. A Gun Free Zone helped cause the deaths of 26 people today in Newtown, Connecticut, by providing a safe and comfortable atmosphere for 20-something Adam Lanza to walk in, shoot and kill 20 children and five adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School, including his own mother, who was a teacher there. Lanza then killed himself.

Lanza also killed someone else at another location, but authorities are not releasing details yet.

Did he do this at his local gun club? No.

Did he do this at an army base? No.

Did he do this at his local government offices, where there are armed guards? No.

He did it at a school. Where he knew that no one would be armed, and no one would shoot back.

This is why “Gun Free Zones” like elementary schools, high schools and most colleges are simply killing grounds for anyone who wants to kill without encountering resistance.

Proglodyte liberals immediately screamed for more gun control laws this morning. Some of them began tweeting almost before the shooting was reported. Perhaps Hollywood liberals knew it was going to happen, because they planned it, and helped Lanza carry it out. It wouldn’t surprise me in the least. Human lives don’t matter much when wealthy liberals decide they want to achieve a political goal.

If airbags in cars failed as often as Gun Free Zones do, the entire automobile industry would have been changed or shut down already. Yet liberals continue to believe that Gun Free Zones make things safer. It shows that they’re impervious to reason and to facts.

I like reason and facts. That’s why I ignore Gun Free Zone signs when I encounter them. My own safety is more important than liberals’ imaginings of “safety.”

Gun Free Zones aren’t. Remember that.

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  1. acexprt permalink
    2012-12-15T21:20:39+00:00 21:20

    You are right… being on the CNN website and hearing all the 40 year old moms complaining about gun laws is making me SICK.. You hit the nail on the head with that one.. I say we give all our teachers the right to concealed carry in class rooms. I had a teacher, who was a deputy at the time, tell us he had a gun in the class room. Didnt tell us where he had it but assured us that if anything were to happen he would be armed and to let law enforcement know.. He was a great Teacher!


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