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New toys


At the gun show the other day, nearly every attendee was walking out with new guns. President Obama is a wonderful gun salesman, because when he threatens to ban guns, it merely stimulates demand for them. US firearms sales in 2012 are up some 20 percent over last year. And the number of concealed weapons permits are rising to an all-time high in some states. At the same time, violent crime is at an all-time low. Coincidence? I think not. Criminals are unlikely to attack people who are armed, unless those criminals are really stupid.

The media, of course, will never, ever admit that high levels of gun ownership and low levels of crime are related. It goes against their core beliefs.

Ignoring what the media believes, I too bought a few new toys the other day.

One is my “silly gun,” a hand weapon to which I will attach a scope, a suppressor, and a laser, for no particular reason other than that I will be able to eliminate vermin without disturbing bystanders. Plus its appearance will annoy the stuffy range officers at my practice range. It’s more of a conversation piece, really.

Another toy is a rifle which fires the incredibly-common 7.62x39mm Soviet cartridge, one of the most popular military rifle cartridges on this planet. I like that cartridge because it packs more punch than the relatively-wimpy 5.56×45 NATO cartridge. Plus I just like the sound of the 7.62×39. It has a beefier, more purposeful bark.

I’m looking forward to playing with my new toys.

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    Japan has a low crime rate, and their guns are heavily regulated. ?? Knives are a problem there, but at least someone can’t take down dozens of people at a time with a single knife.


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