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Creeping dementia


I think my neighbor is suffering from creeping dementia. Last year he installed cameras and security lights all over his house, because he is sure that people are prowling around it at night. Now his house is lit like a prison. He claims to have captured images of people lurking around his vehicles in his driveway. Of course, they could have been simply walking past in the street, not “prowling.” I was not terribly interested in his paranoiac tales, so he stopped telling me about them.

Yesterday his wife found a syringe on the driveway. Now he’s certain that hoodlums are shooting up drugs in front of his house. He actually called the police about the syringe. Their noncommittal response was less than satisfactory for him.

He hasn’t mentioned it to me. He knows I would probably laugh at him. Instead, he complained to our neighbors about the syringe. They giggled when they told me about it. We think someone’s diabetic waste fell off the garbage truck. There are a plethora of old diabetic people in this area, and a shortage of intravenous-drug-using young hoodlums. Kids here are more likely to swipe their parents’ or grandparents’ pain pills than go to the trouble of using intravenous drugs.

I hope my neighbor’s physical health declines more rapidly than his mental health. Otherwise he may wig out, and become a danger to everyone around us.

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    We thought we were being overly paranoid about the neighborhood we lived in, and then we had our truck stolen. Maybe we invited it through our negative thoughts.


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