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I went shooting with my annoying neighbor, the one with the dead dog. I learned three things:

  • M1 Carbines made by Universal are absolute junk. Don’t buy one that was made after 1970. The one I was using failed to eject on nearly every single round. It’s reasonably accurate, but not worth the hassle. Either buy a WW2 or Korean-era M1 Carbine, or buy a modern Kahr, but do not buy a Universal. Period.
  • It was surprisingly easy to avoid mentioning my neighbor’s dead dog, even though I wanted to say that his death was a wonderful event for us. My neighbor was happy to talk about his idiot son’s efforts to buy pimp wheels for the son’s new car, so that the son will blend in better while driving in the big city.
  • My neighbor does not really miss his dead dog either, since it was his daughter’s dog that was banished to his house for (surprise!) barking in her neighborhood too much. At least, that’s what I sensed from him, reading his mind while he talked about other things. It’s a cluttered mess in there (his mind). I hope that when I am old, I am not that mentally disorganized.

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