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Time dilation


Darling wife and I perceive time differently. Five minutes will have passed for me, but a half hour has passed for her.

This causes conflict, as you can imagine.

“Where were you?” she exclaims. “You said you’d be here in five minutes. That was half an hour ago.”

We have a lot of these one-sided conversations. I blame time dilation, since I move much more quickly than she does. Therefore time passes more slowly for me, compared to her own perception of time.

One of my siblings suffers from the time dilation effect also. She left me a voicemail last night. Or perhaps it was over the weekend. I’m not sure.

“Where are you? I haven’t talked to you in ages. Call me,” her recorded voice said.

We just saw each other a month ago, I thought to myself. Do we have something to talk about so soon?

I will have to call her tonight. Which, by her time, will be next month.

  1. 2012-11-20T00:33:42-05:00 00:33

    I’m convinced time moves faster I’m not watching it, making sure it operates by its usual rules. Kronos likes to mess with us when he can.


  2. 2012-11-14T15:58:42-05:00 15:58

    This is why there’s this new invention called a “watch.” ;-)


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