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Time to go shopping


I’m going shopping for weapons this weekend.

A lot of them. It’s been awhile. No time like the present, to catch up on my wish list.

A friend of mine was talking to me the other day, and said that he had been thinking about a conversation we had had six months ago. I had no memory of this conversation of course, but it must have been a fun one. He said he had been thinking about it, and he had decided it was time to get a gun. I was proud of him, because he lives in a liberal city that’s rife with crime, yet he’s bucking the trend of his unarmed liberal neighbors, and thinking about protecting himself.

I couldn’t lend him any of my Martian weapons, I told him, because of the nonproliferation treaties that we Martians have to observe. But I made some recommendations of some locally-produced armament he could acquire. Particularly in the revolver family, which is what I think he needs. Zero maintenance, easy to operate when you haven’t practiced much (which I don’t expect him to do), easy to find ammunition for.

He was appreciative. I think he’s going shopping this weekend too.

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