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Study your film history before you name your business


On the way to work, there is a pet grooming business. It has an unlikely name: “Dog Day Afternoon.” It has a cute sign out front, with a large cartoon picture of a happy, smiling dog.

Dog Day Afternoon” was a 1975 Al Pacino movie about a gay man who robs a bank to pay for his boyfriend’s sex change operation. The robbery goes wrong and turns into a long drawn-out hostage situation. Like many Al Pacino movies, and many 1970s movies, it’s dark and depressing.

Every time I pass that pet grooming shop, I shake my heads. I’m sure the owner must be familiar with the phrase through popular culture, but she must not know much about where it came from. “Have you SEEN the movie?” I wonder.

Probably not.

  1. 2012-11-09T02:39:38+00:00 02:39

    Hey I liked that movie


    • 2012-11-09T14:10:27+00:00 14:10

      (shudders, then smiles brightly) Al Pacino IS fun, isn’t he? I liked him in “The Devil’s Advocate.”


  2. 2012-11-08T07:57:42+00:00 07:57

    Maybe you should send them a mail pointing this out :)


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