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Claire Forlani in a Dewar’s Scotch commercial


Claire Forlani is a favorite actress among Martians. Mars needs women like Claire; feisty, beautiful and English. We know her mostly from her role opposite Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black (1998), where Death comes for her father (Anthony Hopkins) and winds up falling in love with her. Lately she’s been in CSI: NY and NCIS: Los Angeles, neither of which we watch (as much as we like Gary Sinise and Linda Hunt). We just don’t care about those shows. Kind of like we don’t care about Fringe. Yes, it’s Fringe’s last season (5). So what? I can’t work up the energy to care anymore.

Now Claire stars in a commercial for Dewar’s Scotch. I did not recognize her because I don’t usually recognize human faces (I go by hair color and shape, which doesn’t work well in recognizing women), but darling wife recognized her voice. We were both fooled by her accent, though… very uncharacteristic for her, at least in our experience.

It’s nice to see Claire again.

  1. ripsaa permalink
    2012-11-18T01:28:49-04:00 01:28

    also in my fave movie…..Basquait


  2. Silent Bob permalink
    2012-11-13T02:43:51-04:00 02:43

    So no mention of Mallrats? One of the best movies of ALL TIME?? Ok, maybe that’s too much but it’s still a fun movie. She’s not the world’s greatest actress though and to be honest, I hadn’t realized how badly she’s aged. Too bad, she was gorgeous when she was younger…


    • 2012-11-13T09:06:55-04:00 09:06

      Never saw “Mallrats” but will have to program the DVR to look for it. Thank you!


      • SuperDave permalink
        2012-11-13T09:45:32-04:00 09:45

        Old woman? Well I am 50+ so I like a real woman with a character line or two on her face, it shows maturity. Not too crazy about the young Botox generation. Give me Claire Forlani, that bottle of scotch and nothing good on tv for a weekend, and we will get along just fine.


    • 2012-11-17T01:38:45-04:00 01:38

      OMG! LOVE Mallrats! One of my favourite movies, no doubting! She also showed up in “Camelot” – very attractive woman (at any age). And Scotch? Yum…


  3. 2012-11-10T17:54:08-04:00 17:54

    This ad ensures that I will not be drinking Dewars anytime in the near future. Old woman acting goofy while she blathers on, then runs off with the bottle. I would not stop her from leaving. The only thing missing from the ad was the Energizer bunny scooting across the screen.


  4. Dave permalink
    2012-11-08T19:44:47-04:00 19:44

    I think Claire Forlani is one smokin hot chic, and I love that commercial, even though I can’t understand everything she says. That is a real mans woman there, my friend.


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