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When you are obstructed, listen


We have been obstructed a lot lately, in our goals:
We still don’t have countertops
We still have not refinanced our mortgage
We still have not found good health insurance to allow me to freelance

On the upside,  though:
We have a lovely new kitchen with plywood countertops, which served quite well for our Halloween party
We have a house, with a mortgage we can afford easily
I have a job with health insurance now, for as long as I want it (or until my heads explode, whichever comes first)

(I apologize for the lack of bullet lists; this device apparently was built by a little-known tribe of engineers who have never seen good technical documentation, and who didn’t bother to build in bullet lists.)

What we’ve learned, though, is that when you are obstructed, prevented from reaching your goal, it is because you are supposed to be doing something else. It’s just an issue of figuring out what that something else is. For that, I have no suggestions, other than accepting that whatever happens, was meant to be. Then it’s just a question of figuring out where to go from there.

  1. Stephanie permalink
    2012-11-04T17:13:00+00:00 17:13

    I handed in my last renovation check one week after I was told I was cut. I would rather have been obstructed, prevented from reaching my goal compared to having reached my goal and then be obstructed. So – in my mind – it’s a good thing you have to find whatever you have to find. And take your time finding it.


  2. 2012-11-02T09:37:22+00:00 09:37

    Maybe you’re meant to simply take a break. Take time to smell the roses before pressing on.


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