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Bob Ross’ Google doodle


Google, that Internet giant which steadfastly refuses to do more than a little yellow ribbon on Memorial Day, did a doodle of painter Bob Ross the other day.

Bob Ross was very soothing. I didn’t watch him a lot, but I would listen to his soothing voice. He had a quiet way about him.

I didn’t watch him because he would usually make me very angry. He would be sketching along, making a nice mountain scene with happy trees and a little happy creek, and then he would always screw it up by putting a house or a tree or a lake in the foreground. “Stop!” I would yell at the television. “It’s perfect as it is, don’t screw it up!”

He ignored me, and proceeded to screw it up. Every time. It annoyed me, which is why I wouldn’t watch him, but would only listen to him instead. As long as I didn’t watch what he was doing, he wouldn’t make me angry.

I miss his voice. Such a nice, soothing voice.

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  1. 2012-10-31T16:02:33-04:00 16:02

    I think we’ve seen every episode. We’ve seen his squirrel, his son, and his bird. Mostly I remember telling him to button up his shirt. I think the Google doodle was nice.


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