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Crying wolf


A couple of news items recently caught my eyes, where people claimed to have been the victim of hate crimes:

  • Kyle Wood, a gay Republican campaign worker in Wisconsin, was allegedly attacked in his home and severely beaten because he is gay;
  • Sharmeka Moffitt, a black woman in Louisiana, was allegedly attacked and set on fire by three men who also allegedly wrote “KKK” on the hood of her car with some type of paste.

Both “victims” have since been found to have been lying…  they made it all up. Wood admitted as much; Moffitt is in critical condition with third-degree burns, but police say the evidence indicates that her wounds are self-inflicted.

Really, people who are members of a minority group, a “protected class”  as it’s called, need to stop crying wolf in order to get sympathy or attention. It only makes it harder for other, real victims, to get the help they need.

If there’s going to be a special punishment for a “hate crime” (the very definition of “hate crime” is ridiculous on its face – if a crime has been committed, it should not matter what the perpetrator’s motivation was), then there should be a special punishment for people who file false reports of “hate crimes.” And it should be a more severe punishment.

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