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Starting my day – again


Darling wife always greets me every morning with a list of things she did during the night. She’s a cyborg, so she doesn’t need much sleep. Instead, she keeps busy puttering around the house, doing all sorts of little projects. It’s always neat to see what she got done while I was asleep, like redecorating the house for the next holiday, or designing our new bathroom, or painting up a little child’s chair for our grand-nephew.

This morning I got up, went to find her, and she showed me a cake she’d made with what looked like beet slices, but which she assured me was reddish-purple icing painted in a large scallop pattern. Then she showed me a fascinating mobile she’d made out of wire and brass, which completely changed shape when you pulled on one of the wires. First the mobile was a group of people standing together, and then it became a tall sailing ship. The pieces turned individually, but somehow the image was still very clear of what it was supposed to be.

I was surprised. This wasn’t the normal stuff she does at night. This was a bit different. Different… hm… something doesn’t feel quite right.

I sat up. I was still in bed, and I’d dreamed all the events of this morning.

I got up and tried starting my day again. This time reality seemed more real; darling wife’s accomplishments were a bit more believable.

I keep expecting to wake up again.

  1. 2012-10-31T16:04:47-04:00 16:04

    The last thing this world needs is a beet cake. I’m glad that wasn’t real.


  2. 2012-10-29T17:26:22-04:00 17:26

    Your wife’s inspiring.


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