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The power of prayer


Aliens aren’t religious, but we do have faith. We believe in powers greater than ourselves which we cannot perceive, yet we see the results of their actions. And we believe in the power of our own minds to shape the reality that we experience.

We believe in the power of prayer. One strong mind can effect great change. The power of massed minds can effect even greater changes.

Darling wife and I shared a dream, a dream in which we lived in a beautiful house by the ocean, where all you could hear was the rustle of the wind in the palm trees and the chirping of birds. A dream in which there were no dogs barking constantly, all day while their owners were gone, and half the night every time a raccoon walked by.

We made most of that dream happen, but the barking dogs were a real problem. Our neighbors didn’t care that their dogs barked – they weren’t home during the day. The loudest dog had pushed open one of my neighbor’s awning windows and had broken it, so it would not close completely. Therefore his barking was constant and very loud. I asked my neighbor repeatedly to make his dogs shut up, and to fix his broken window so that their barking would be muffled. He did nothing but say, “someday their barking will save your life.”

So we resorted to prayer, praying that the dogs would die, or at least the loud male dog. It wasn’t an active, daily prayer… more like an undercurrent, a “we can’t wait until they’re dead” comment that we made to each other every time they were barking.

And then yesterday our prayers were answered. The male dog, the loud one, had gotten sick a few days before, throwing up in the house. They took him to the vet, where he was diagnosed with liver cancer.

They euthanized him yesterday. And now it’s quiet, because he was the instigator, making the female dog bark. Now that he’s gone, the female should be quiet.

But if she’s not, we’ll just start praying again.

UPDATE: I am not allowed to tell my neighbor that I am glad his dog is dead. Nor am I allowed to mention how nice it is that it’s finally quiet after about 18 months of continuous barking. I am ordered to commiserate with him and pretend that I am sorry his dog is dead. I think I will just follow the golden rule: if you can’t say anything truthful, don’t say anything at all.

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    Now pray he doesn’t go get another loud dog.


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