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Palmetto slaughter


We have lots of palmetto trees in our yard. These are like small palm trees. They grow to perhaps 2 meters tall. They often grow along the ground and then make a right angle upward. They cluster and fill in, making an almost impenetrable, human-high forest over many years. They also recover quickly from forest fires. Overall, though, they grow very slowly, on the order of a few centimeters per year. That makes it a difficult choice to cut them down.

I have no problem with it. They act as ladders for vines, and they shelter the cats-claw tuber vines which grow among the roots of palmettos, making it very hard to dig the tubers out. It’s simpler just to cut the palmettos down and then keep mowing the patch of cats-claw vines that grow in its place, until the vines finally die after a few years.

Darling wife has refused to cut down palmettos for several years, hoping that we could keep the vines cleared out of them, pulling the vines out manually. After her broken bones this summer, though, she decided that her days of heavy manual labor in the yard are nearly over. It’s more expedient to mow down the palmettos and the vines that they harbor.

I’m totally on board with that idea. We will cut down some clumps of palmettos in the center of the yard, and leave the palmettos around the edge of the yard standing, to provide privacy. Meanwhile, it will be easier to mow because I won’t have to keep circling around clumps of palmettos, nor will we have to pull the vines out of them every year.

That’s this weekend’s work, cutting down palmettos.

I can’t wait.

  1. 2012-10-23T12:36:42-04:00 12:36

    Premeditated murder. The worst kind.


    • 2012-10-23T17:04:43-04:00 17:04

      Pish and tosh. Premeditated murder is much better than accidental murder. Death with a purpose is more ethical. ;-)


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