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Shut off that alarm!


I have been arriving at work very early all week, so I can sit in the parking lot and connect to my client’s wireless network to get work done, before the building actually opens.

I watch others arrive early and go into the offices. The lights come on, and I can see them very clearly through their floor-to-ceiling windows as they sit down at their desks, eat their breakfasts, drink their coffee, while answering the emails which came in overnight. All around them, the other windows of the building are dark. They are alone, a few industrious souls, spending more hours of their dwindling lifespans performing thankless tasks, unnoticed and unsung, sitting in the same office at the same desk, year after year. I feel sorry for them.

I eventually join them, going to my office when the building opens. I work awhile, trying to get a few more tasks done before I must go teach. My window faces the parking lot, and I am now one of those sad workers toiling in their gray, identically-furnished offices.

Someone’s car alarm goes off in the parking lot. It wails without passion, bleating a non-emergency to no one.

It goes on for a long time. I finally turn around to see whose car it is.

It’s mine. I must have set it off by accident when I moved some papers on my desk.

Time to shovel my desk again.

  1. 2012-10-15T11:09:02-04:00 11:09

    I used to do that so often that I had to remove the emergency button from my keychain. Now I hope I never need it.


  2. 2012-10-13T18:34:29-04:00 18:34

    Ah, funny (o:


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