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Muslims push for criminalization of “blasphemy”


Nabil El-Araby, the president of the Arab Leage of nations, was the latest Arab leader to publicly demand that the United Nations (and Western nations) criminalize “blasphemy” as defined by Muslims. Egyptian President (and Muslim Brotherhood leader) Mohammed Morsi made the same demand recently, as did Indonesia’s President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.

For example, it would be illegal to point out that “The Prophet Mohammed” was a child molester and mass murderer. Basically, he was a warlord who made up a religion to justify his heinous acts. To say that is blasphemy, according to Muslims.

Today, Muslims are demanding that the entire planet submit to sharia (Muslim law), which would include the criminalization of “blasphemy.” The idea is repulsive to non-Muslims.

The Muslims’ argument is that when Muslims perceive “blasphemy,” they get violent, and they kill people. So for your own safety, they say, you must conform to their codes of speech and behavior. “Nice Western society you have there,” Muslims say. “It would be a shame if anything happened to it.”

Muslim “logic” is laughable.

Luckily, Western ideals are backed up by massive firepower. The only thing which keeps non-Muslim-majority nations safe from Muslim domination and terrorism is massive firepower and the will to use it.

The will to use it. There’s the problem, that many Westerners don’t take the threat off Islam seriously, and they lack the will to defend themselves against Muslims. Martians have no compunction about defending freedom, especially against Muslim depredation. Muslims want everyone to submit to their rules, or be killed.

These calls for the criminalization of “blasphemy” are just one more shot, one more step toward complete and total war, the war of Muslims against everyone else.

It’s everyone’s duty to resist the Muslims, with deadly force and the will to use it. Because the Muslims will not stop. They will never ever stop, until either you are converted to Islam, or you are dead. They don’t particularly care which.

Remember that, when the shooting starts.

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