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I miss countertops


We had new kitchen cabinets put in two weeks ago. They’re beautiful, made out of alder wood, which is light-colored with a tinge of gray ash.

Darling wife has been waffling about the countertops, though. Originally we had wanted white quartz with shiny flecks in it. I call it “disco.” She liked it, but she thought it was too expensive.

Then she thought about granite, but granite is porous and unsanitary. You have to seal it, and even then, it’s not a smooth surface. There’s lots of pits in it where food and dirt particles can collect. It’s difficult to keep clean. And it’s easy to break, actually.

Now she’s thinking about boomerang laminate, like the countertops you see in 1950s diners. The problem is, no one makes colors she likes. So we’re waiting to see what Formica does for their 100th anniversary. Allegedly Formica will re-release a dozen of their most popular boomerang patterns and colors in 2013. We shall see.

I don’t want to wait until 2013 to get countertops. I may just cut some plywood and slap it down to serve until that time. Meanwhile, we’re still using the sink in the laundry room for everything, and we’re living on paper plates, which grates against my conservationist nature.

Hopefully darling wife will decide something soon. It’s her kitchen; I want her to be happy. But I would be happier if we had countertops. Any countertops.

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  1. 2012-09-27T06:28:02-04:00 06:28

    What about stainless steel? Butcher-block? Concrete? I’ve seen all those and more on HGTV. Just avoid tile. No one likes tile counters.

    Can’t wait to hear the final decision.


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