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Not all black people are Obamatons


I am working in the deep South this week. Most of the people I am working with are black. I usually avoid politics in the workplace, but we had an interesting discussion about world events which led, indirectly, to a discussion of their opinion of Dear Leader.

They do not like him, I found out. And they are unlikely to vote for him again.

I was rather surprised. After all, 95 percent of black voters voted for Obama in 2008. I believe that behavior was racist on its face, but whatever. (Some people believe that blacks cannot be racist, because they are a minority and/or lack “power.” I think that logic is specious.)

I remember Peggy Joseph, the black woman in Sarasota, Florida who joyously proclaimed that she didn’t have to worry about paying her bills anymore because Obama had been elected President. I wonder whatever happened to her.

The media (and Dear Leader) expect blacks to remain a monolithic voting bloc for Obama this November. But the people I met this week belie that logic.

I thought it was interesting. I had believed the legacy media’s meme that blacks would mindlessly vote for Obama in droves in November, yet here were a group of black people who clearly disproved the meme.

I did not ask them if they were going to vote for Mitt Romney. It’s not my business. But I think they will probably stay home instead of voting for Obama, because they clearly believe he has failed them.

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    Well, the Democrats and the Republicans in most states have rigged the election laws in such a way that it’s almost impossible for a third party to get on the ballot, and then to succeed in winning an election. It’s resulted in an ossified two-party system which exists to perpetuate the two parties, not to effect change or results.

    Romney may not be the most stellar conservative candidate in the field, but compared to the Marxist currently in office who is trying to destroy the United States and its capitalist wealth from within, Romney is by far the better choice.


  2. 2012-09-21T07:49:00+00:00 07:49

    It surprises me that in the mass of people in our country, Romney was the best they could come up with.


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